National day in Vallentuna, Carnival in Östberga 15/6, Urkult!


National day-celebration in Vallentuna Thursd. 6/6
Tag along with us to celebrate old Mother Svea with pomp and circumstance in Vallentuna.
We join forces with ensembles from Kulturskolan, choirs, the chairman of the municipality and other, to make the day special. There will also be candy floss, playgrounds and more. Read all about it:
Vallentuna’s homepage
Facebook event

Carnival and party at Östberga torg Sat. 15/6
Now it is time to open the Summer Square in Östberga. We will be there to make it real hot. We start off with a parade, that will start at Stamgatans torg at 13.00. Outside the Culture House in Östberga torg the grill will be lit. There are also lots of activities for everyone, everything from toddler massage to library, sumo costumes, bubble balls…
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Urkult Sat. 3/8
It is time for Sweden’s largest worldmusic festival. We play on the Saturday at 22.00 in the dance barn. It’s going to be explosive.
There are lots of other great acts on the program so it’s really worth it to visit this picturesque place for the festival.
Urkult’s homepage

Valborg celebration, recordings and more



Valborg celebration in Hågelbyparken Tuesday 30/4
This year we play at the Valborg celebration in Hågelbyparken. It is going to be great fun. Drop by!
There are lots of activities for all ages, especially for the children. Traffic fun, Train Ride, Ponies and it’s premiere for the new squirrel trail.
They also have a really nice restaurant, café etc. and of course the traditional speach and a bonfire!
19.15 Speach
19.30 Süperstar Orkestar
20.00 Bonfire
Hågelbyparken’s homepage
Facebook event

New recordings
This spring we have been in the studio recording some new tracks that we will present later this year.
The project consists of original material with a new sound that we hope you will like. Composers and producers are Håkan Säfvestad and Jonas Jersild.
Listen to Håkan Säfvestad’s Tagesbus from 2017

School concerts and parties
Now starts the season for weddings and other festive occations, for us. That’s something we like a lot. Don’t be too surprised if you bump into us in some party this summer.
In May we will also guest Vallentuna for our last concert i Skapande Skola, this time.

Videos, Balkan Night at the Casino and school concerts


Watch videos from Fasching!
Our latest concert at Fasching was so great. The place was sold out and the place was really cooking!
Luckily enough Jonas Jersild brought his camera and filmed a lot.
We have released a eight-song playlist on YouTube. Check it out!
Just in time for the skiing season, we can also tip you about a nice skiing film that uses our music for some parts. The film is called Powder Express.

YouTube-playlist from Fasching
Powder Express

Balkan Night at Casino Cosmopol
Soon it is time for us to play once again at one of our favourite places, Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm.
It’s going to be a great Balkan Party!
We are joined by DJ Zoka, the master of hits from the Balkans so get ready to dance all night.
See to that you book a dinner packet in time, because they tend to sell out.

Casino Cosmopol’s homepage
Facebook event

School concerts in Linköping
This spring we are going to Linköping to play school concerts. We’re really looking forward to it.
Look at the video on the link below and you will understand why.

Clip from a school concert

Friday 1/2 Fasching, Saturday 2/2 Casino Cosmopol


Friday 1/2 Fasching
At last the spring season starts off for us. We open with two really great gigs in Sweden’s largest cities.
Friday the 1/2 We play at Fasching in Stockholm. Prepare for at hot night of dance, groove and trubaci.
In addition to the necessary hits we’re happy to present some new original compositions. We play two sets.
Don’t forget to buy tickets in time. We have sold out this place on several occasions.
Fasching opens at 19.00
The concert starts at 21.00
Entrence: 200:- age: 18 years
Fasching's homepage
Facebook event

Saturday 2/2 Casino Cosmopol Gothenburg
Premier for our Balkan Night at Casino Cosmopol in Gotheburg. We’re overjoyed to be able to present a proper concert i Gothenburg, and at a really good venue too.
It’s going to be a whole night of Balkan at the casino. We play two sets and DJ Stonoga, known from, among other things, Radio GBG plays the best music of the Balkans, when we don’t play, all evening and all night.
Attention! You only have to pay 60 kr to get!Det kostar bara 60:- att gå in!
Balkan Night starts at 21.00
Süperstar Orkestar live at 22.00
Entrence: 60:- age: 20 years. Everyone needs to show ID regardless of age.
Casino Cosmopol's homepage
Facebook event

Wednesday 23/1 P4 Radio Stockholm
We warm up for our süper weekend with an appearence at P4 Radio Stockholm, Wednesday 23/1. We play live in the studio, talk about the band, upcoming gigs, our plans, our history and other things.
We go on the air at 09.05.
Keep your ears open!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


At last we got our white Christmas with all the herring, Christmas trees, pork and Janssons frestelse we longed for all year. We take well deserved break from playing and look back on a year with lots of great gigs, parties, concerts, events, workshops.
Merry Christmas!

We're back in Serbian media
As some readers may remember we were featured in a one hour radio program in Serbia earlier this year. We are also represented on a new homepage on international Balkan bands. Check out the page!
We have also been tipped about the homepage of the Serbian music association. This is a great place to read about music from the Balkans and World music in Serbia.
Serbian radio program about Süperstar Orkestar

Happy New Year!
Here are some things for 2019's agenda.
Friday 1/2 Süperstar Orkestar at Fasching (Tickets are already out.)
Saturday 2/2 Süperstar Orkestar at Casino Cosmopol Göteborg
Saturday 30/3 Süperstar Orkestar at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm
Check out our newsletter, Facebook for more, on upcoming gigs.

From all of us to all of you
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Flustret Uppsala friday 16/11, Christmas presents and more


On friday 16/11 we come to Uppsala’s famous Flustret.
It’s going to be a big Balkan Night! Party 22.00 to 03.00!
The night’s DJ’s are Sputnik Kollektiv, the gang that’s created Balkan hysteria among the students for some years now. This means a total party that is really going to be something else.
Naturally, we contribute with a couple of sets of the best Balkan brass music.
The concert starts at 22.30.
120:- (100:- if bought in advance)  age 23 years
Facebook event
Flustrets homepage

A tip for your Christmas presents
Here’s a tip for your Christmas presents combined with some news about our gigs next year.
The first weekend of February 2019 we have some very nice things going on.
On Friday 1/2 we play at Jazz club Fasching in Stockholm. As many already now these gigs tend to be something extra. Sold out and indeed very happy occations.
On Saturday 2/2 we play at Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg. The night has the same successful concept that has been so good in Stockholm. We’re really looking forward to playing in Gothenburg again.
Over to the Christmas present. Treat someone you like with a night out! The tickets for Fasching are already available and the ones for Casino Cosmopol is coming soon.

Fasching's homepage
Facebook event

More music for the children!
In November we continue our project in Skapande Skola, playing for children in Vallentuna. School is an ispireing place full of spontaneity and curiosity and we like very much to come back for concerts and workshops.
In the spring we will play more for pupils in among other places Linköpig and Vallentuna.

Watch a clip from a schoolconcert

Casino Cosmopol, Skapande Skola, Uppsala


Balkan Night at Casino Cosmopol Saturday 13/10
There is going to be a great Balkan Party at Casino Cosmopol.
We play two sets live on stage. DJ Zoka plays the latest and best of hits from the Balkans.
The dinner tickets are already sold out, but that’s no catastrophy.
For only 60:- you get in and can join the party. If you already have a year card, the entrance is free. (20 years)
This is going to be a great evening!
Casino Cosmopol
Facebook event

Skapande Skola in Vallentuna
Our cooperation with the schools in Vallentuna continues. It’s great to be back and it’s really fantastic to see all the sudents join in, in our workshop, playing and dancing. We would really like to reach more kids with this.

Flustret, Uppsala, Friday. 16/11!
Süperstar Orkestar comes to Uppsala.
Friday 16/11 we will be on stage at, classic, Flustret in Uppsala for a  Balkan Night to remember. The recidents of Uppsala have longed to dance in party in true Balkan style. Now it is time for  Opa! Hajde! Ziveli! Trubaci! et.c.
Party from 22.00 to 03.00. We play at 22.30.
23 years

Sunday 19/8 Bokbordet Stockholm 2018 and Nytorgsfesten!


This Sunday we will not rest. Süperstar Orkestar is going to be everywhere where it happens in Stockholm and this day there is a lot going on.
Bokbordet Stockholm 2018 is a culture festival with music, theatre, authors, poets, workshops, a photo marathon and more, a fantastic event. We play 12-14.
Then we head to Nytorgsfesten on Södermalm, another fantastic event that goes on for three days. Here you have everything from yoga to Carneval, DJs, Pettson and Findus, flea market, Blåsarsymfonikerna with Lena Willemark among other things. Check out the program on the links below. We play at Nytorget 15-16.
Homepage Bokbord Stockholm, Facebook event, Homepage Nytorgsfesten, Facebook event

Debaser Friday 31/8
Don’t forget this gig. It’s the perfect ending of the summer. This is going to be something special.
We have DJ Masaya with us this night and he will shure keep the dancefloor cooking until 03.00.
19-03, free admission before 20.00 (150:- after), 20 år
Homepage Facebook event

Just D!
29/8 we’re guest at Sweden’n hip hop legends, Just D’s big show at Mosebacketerrassen. This season is really starting off very good for us and it looks like it is going to be very exciting. See you!

Balkan Night at Debaser Strand Friday 31/8


It is time for this seasons great Balkan party with us at Debaser. We’re aiming at a new heat record with lots of trubaci (Balkan brasss), dance and joy. Don’t miss this event…!  
DJ Masaya
19-03, Free admission before 20.00 (150:- after), 20 years.
Homepage, Facebook event, Watch a clip from last year

Dance @ Medborgarplatsen 7/6 17.00


Dance happening at Medborgarplatsen thursd. 7/6
It’s time to dance in street once more.The Internationella folkdansklubb has engaged us to play and spread general euphoria at Södermalm’s Medborgarplatsen. Join us to listen and dance. It’s free of charge. This will certainly make people wonder what was in that after work beer. Time: 17.00
Facebookevent Watch a clip from last year

Süperstar on the radio - in Serbia!
We’re receiving attention in media again. This time it is the program Od zlata jabuka in Serbian RTS who made a whole program about us. Fifty minutes of interviews, background and a lot of music. It’s a great honour for us to be presented like this. Check out their archive. There’s so much to listen to.

A link to the radio show

Debaser 31/8!
Reserve friday the 31st of august for a great Balkan Night at Debaser, Hornstulls strand, Stockholm. If you’ve been there before you know how good these nights are. Don’t miss it!

Watch a video on YouTube from last year!