Casino nights and school concerts


Balkan Night at Casino Cosmopol, Sundsvall 24/3, Stockholm 5/5
We like playing at the casino. Last time at Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm was crazy. The queue went all the way down to Vasagatan.
Now it is time again, at first in Sundsvall at Casino Cosmopol, Saturday 24/3. With us is DJ Masaya who will play the Balkan beats. Of course we also play a couple of sets of red hot trubaci.
Come there for a great Balkan party!
Reasonable prices

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Workshops and school conserts in Kristinehamn and Vallentuna
Monday 19/3 we go to Kristinehamn for a day of school concerts and a workshop with young musicians. We’re looking forward to a day full of music and energy.
This spring we’re will also do our school workshops in Vallentuna. It is a Skapande Skola project, that’s allways very fun. All pupils are engaged in playing and dancing.

New videos from Fasching 2018
For those who missed our, sold out, concert at Stockholm’s Jazzclub Fasching, we’re putting out some really nice live videos made by Jonas Jersild. Check them out on YouTube. Why not subscribe to our channel?
You can also follow us on Facebook. Over four thousand already do so. That way you receive information and other fun stuff all the time.

New Years Party and a hot gig @ Fasching


Saturday 13/1 New years party!
It is time to celebrate the new year again. The orthodox new year is a bit later than the ordinary. That’s perfect if you like to celebrate or if you missed it the 31/12, for some reason.
We play at an awesome party.
Balkanske Zore @ Eventhuset, Vretensborgsvägen 5 in Hägersten.
Check out the Facebook event. The party goes on 21-03. Opa!

Fasching Saturday 27/1!
We’re back at Fasching! We’ve been looking forward to this since we played here last year. It was a fantastic evening and we are convinced that this year is going to be as great. We bring steaming trubaci music, requested tunes, favourites, hits and some new hits by Håkan will be presented for the first time.
Watch a clip from last years gig on YouTube!
We start playing at 21.00, 170 kr, 18 years.
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A good spring
This spring looks really promising for us. We start our work with Skapande Skola in Vallentuna again and later we play concerts at Casino Cosmopol in Sundsvall (24/3) and Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm (5/5). Check out our homepage for more updates on new gigs.
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Happy New Year!

Next stop - Bukarest


Balkanik Festival Bukarest Sat 9/9

It’s time for our only appearance abroad this year. On Saturday 9/9 we play at the Balkanik Festival in Bukarest, Roumania. We’re really looking forward to it. It’s going to be great not only to play but also to hear and meet other Balkan bands from all over Europe.
Check out their facebook page, homepage

Süperstar Orkestar on national TV

Did you see us on TV4 this Sunday? If not look on this link when we salute Tilde de Paula, who was awarded the Kristallen for the second year in a row.

Blidösund Wed. 20/9, Casino Cosmopol Sat. 30/9

We hope you want to hear more of us, since we only got one minute in TV this time. You got a couple of really good opportunities to hear us irl, coming up.
Wednesday the 20/9 we play at the steamboat Blidösund.
Blidösund’s homepage, Facebook event

Saturday 30/9 Casino Cosmopol arranges a Balkan Night. We play two sets and DJ Zoka plays the latest and best of hits from the Balkans. Book a Balkan packet with a two course menu, entertainment, entrance and wardrobe (295 kr) or if you don’t want to book in advance you can buy a drop in ticket for 60 kr. (Booking is recommended since the places are limited.)
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Debaser and Rinkeby 25/8 and 26/8


Friday 25/8 Debaser Strand
This summer's hottest night will be on Friday 25th of august. The place to be is Debaser Strand.
Arrive before 20.00 and you don’t need to pay anything at the door!
The party goes on until three o’clock. We play two sets from 21.30.
Debaser’s homeage, Facebook event

Saturday 26/8 Rinkeby
We have got the  honour to participate at the inauguration of the new playground Rinken in Rinkeby. Join us from 12.30 when we start playing in Rinkeby centrum and parade to the playground. Free entrance!

If you miss us this time you have some really nice opportunities to here us later on. Wednesday 20/9 we play at the steamboat Blidösund and Saturday 30/9 we play at Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm.
Blidösund’s homepage, Casino Cosmopol’s homepage

Balkan fever in Huddinge on Valborg and 1st of May


Valborg celebration in Sjödalsparken, Huddinge
Sunday 30/4 we’re back in Sjödalsparken, Huddinge, to celebrate Valborg. We start with the torch procession from the church at 20.00. Then we also play a concert from the scene. Celebrate Valborg in a genuine, classical style with choir, speach, bonfire, fireworks and and other nice things, like us Süperstar Orkestar.
Read more:
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First of May with coffe, cake and Trubaci in the garden
Café Nytorp in Huddinge is a pearl with many enthusiastic visitors. It is situated near Källbrinks IP and Gömmarens naturreservat. Come there and hear us play on the first of May. The admission is free and the bread and cakes are really tempting.
We play in the garden between 12 and 16 and we think the weather will nice.
Read more:
Facebook event, Café Nytorp’s page on Facebook

Recording plans developments et.c.
This weekend we went into the studio to record five new compositions by Håkan Säfvestad. We hope to be able to present the result soon.
This autumn we have lots of great great gigs coming up. We will play at the Balkanik Festival in Bukarest, Roumania, at Debaser and Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm and at the musical ship Blidösund.

Örebro Sunday 26/3 and more


Sundag 26/3 Örebro Konserthus
On Sunday the 26th of March we play two concerts at Örebro Konserthus in Örebro. The concerts are at 16.30 and 18.30. We will be joined by young wind musicians from Örebro Kulturskola. This is going to be really great. Come and hear for yourself.
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Nice videos
Everybody who attended the concert at Fasching (sold out) knows what great party that was. Luckily enough we had Jonas Jersild with us, who managed to capture the feeling in some really nice videos. We have published some and more is on the way. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube and you will have some glimpses of what we are doing, every once in a while.
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More things are happening
If you like to plan ahead, we can tell you already that we have some nice things to come, in the future. We are playing at the Valborg celebration in Sjödalsparken, Huddinge, among other things. In September we´re playing at the Musical ship Blidösund and the Balkanik Festival in Bukarest, Roumania.
Read more here

Umeå 4/2, Borlänge 16/2 and more


Saturday 4th February, Umeå
Our pals in the band Mullin Mallin puts on Umeå’s biggest Balkan party ever. And we are really happy to play at the concert.
It’s going to be great fun. For the the first time outside Stockholm we are going to play our new song, that was such a success on our latest gig at Stockholm’s Fasching Jazz Club. Mullin Mallin Band will also be playing and the DJ: Jovan Radomir will play the latest and hottest of dance music from the Balkans.

A whole day of Balkan
In Umeå it will not only be a concert but a whole day of activities. What about a song workshop with Sonya Bakoeva from Bulgaria, a dance workshop with Mea Nordenfeldt and cinema, ”Min faster i Sarajevo” at Folkets Bio.
Jovan Radomir will be working hard this day and he has something for everyone. He will sign his book and tell us some of his personal stories. He will also make a food workshop and DJ.
This will be an event like no other, so don’t miss it.

Read the whole program on Mullin Mallin’s homepage!
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Borlänge, New museum et.c.
February looks good for us. On Thursday the 16/2 we play at Wasabryggeriet in Borlänge, actually one of Sweden’s nicest places ,we think. Join us. The same week we also play some school concerts in Borlänge.
We also have the honour to play at the opening party of the new Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm  (Unfortunately this is not a public gig.).
Our 20th year has started very well indeed and soon we'll have spring.
Facebook event Borlänge
Scenkonsmuseet’s homepage

Fasching 28/1


Saturday 28/1 Fasching
Hear us at Fasching, Kungsgatan 63 in Stockholm. We’ve played there in January some years now and it allways turns out to be one of the best gigs of the year, a real party with lots of dance and joy.
Don’t miss this party!
This year we will play some new tunes by our own Håkan Säfvestad and of course all the classics.
Fasching’s homepage
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Süperstar Orkestar 20 years!
This year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary. It feels unreal. Time flies when having fun and we certainly have had a lot of fun these twenty years and there’s more to come. This autumn we play at the Balkanik Festival in Bukarest, Roumania and Moods Jazz Club in Zurich, Switserland. In the beginning of February we play at a big Balkan Party in Umeå and later for school children in Borlänge.
Read more about the event in Umeå.
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Film music and fundings
”Hundraettåringen som smet från notan och försvann” the sequel of ”Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann” is making a huge succes in the Swedish cinemas right now and it is also the film that has been nominated the most Gulbagge awards, eight. We are happy to among those who have contributed with the music for the the film.
This year we receive 80 000 sek from Kulturrådet to support our work. We are very happy about that.

Win a gig and Merry Christmas!


Win a gig with Süperstar Orkestar!
On 18/12 it´s time!
Then we will reveal the name of the winner of this years exciting competition for an own gig with Süperstar Orkestar. You still have time to participate. All you have to do is to buy a record from us and send us the number of the record. Write to to buy the record and register your number. If you are the lucky winner we will come to you and play for you and your friends sometime during 2017. The record costs 100 sek and the odds are good.
A perfect Christmas gift! Fast delivery!

Read more about the record!

Saturday 28/1, Fasching!
There is life after Christmas and it is going to be a lot of fun. Next year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and we start the year with a gig at one of our favourite venues, Fasching in Stockholm. These concerts tend to be awesome, much thanks to the audience. Last year we sold out, so get your tickets in time.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Our fantastic nineteenth year is ending. This year we have appeared a lot on national TV, released an album and played for thousands of school children among other things.
What will our next, twentieth year contain? Who knows?
Soon it is time to relax for some days. Next year we’re back loaded with new energy and hungrier than ever.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Debaser Medis Saturday 24:th of september


At last!
It’s time for this autumn’s great show.
Süperstar Orkestar at Debaser Medis.
We play two sets packed with classics and new hits. Håkan Säfvestad has delivered a bunch of new tailormade tunes for us. Of course we also play the songs that you got to hear on a trubaci gig.
The band is boosted by altosax man Jonas Jersild.
DJ Masaya will keep you dancing until three o’clock!
Time: 19-03 showtime 21
Place: Debaser Medis, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm
Price and age: 150 kr, 20 years
Facebook event, Homepage

We have a special guest for the concert. Maja Gajic is Stockholm’s best and most popular Balkan singer. We’re really happy to have her with us. This time the classics will be even better. Listen and sing along!

Agnes Gagge and Therese Lundgren are a tight duo that has worked a lot together. We’re overjoyed to have them with us on Debasers big scene, where they will present choreographies that they have made for some of our music.
We can look forward to an oriental dance show that is something extra.
Check out their dance show from our jubilee show in 2012.